judith waring

Jenny Wren

Jenny Wren studio view

(used) wine and champagne corks, jesmonite, willow, trellis wire, gold-leaf

150 x 200 x 100 cms

The wren is a small, inconspicuous garden bird, widely considered a harbinger of spring and rebirth.

Jenny Wren installed view, ForM2022, Bangor, Northern Ireland

I have scaled up the small bird's feet to make visible the usually unseen and give it a sense of monumentality and grandeur. Jenny Wren was shown at the ForM Sculpture Exhibition, N. Ireland in 2022.

The Popo: an Alternative Reality

The Popo installation, Jena-Lobeda, Germany

This is a collaborative, site-specific work which created an ‘alternative reality’ for a challenging space.

The Popo aerial view, Jena-Lobeda, Germany

The Popo was created during the 72 Hour Urban Action in Jena-Lobeda, Germany, May 2019.

The Popo site plan, Jena-Lobeda, Germany

The Popo installation with performance, Jena-Lobeda, Germany


COMPASS exhibited in Heraklion

rabbit skin (ethically sourced), cherry stones, gold leaf, linen book-thread, drawing-pins, chalk, painted wood

40 x 40 x 10 cms

Compass is a 3-dimensional drawing in the form of a visual poem inspired by the literary and metaphorical travelogues of Odysseas Elytis.

COMPASS exhibited in Heraklion

Εκεί εκεί να πάω σ' ένα νησί πετραδερό που ο ήλιος το λοξοπατάει σαν κάβουρας κι όλος τρεμάμενος ο πόντος ακούει κι αποκρίνεται.


COMPASS exhibited in Heraklion

Compass was shown at Monitor Fest in Heraklion, Crete in 2018.


Folium exhibited in Cambridge

Bodleian hand-made paper (1975), Aida cotton, linen thread, harvested fur (obtained from a natural shedding process), gold leaf residue

46 x 32 x 0.5 cm

Detail of Folium exhibited in Cambridge

Detail of Folium exhibited in Cambridge

Folium turns the form of the manuscript book inside out; here it is both the object and subject of itself. Folium was shown at the New Museums Site, University of Cambridge in 2014.

livre bio//organic book

Livre Bio exhibited in Marseille

Gunnera manicata leaves, linen book cord, plum stones and gold leaf

29 x 21 x 10 cms

Livre Bio exhibited in Marseille

Exhibition publication Marseille

A quire was made from each of the single leaves. There is clearly a recto and verso (top side and bottom side) of each folium. Each quire is sown with a figure of 8 binding process using 3 sewing stations. The large veins of the leaves provide the support for the sewing structure.

livre bio was shown at Atelier Vis-à-Vis in Marseille, France in 2017.

Mare's Tail

Anemometer exhibited in N. Ireland

Wood, Icelandic dry wool, Majorelle blue

200 x 100 x 100 cm

Mare's Tail was made for the RHS award-winning (2009) Walled Garden in the grounds of Bangor Castle, N. Ireland. I researched the Garden's history from its creation in the 1850s, through its decline and subsequent reconstruction in 2008.

Anemometer exhibited in N. Ireland

Mare's Tail was shown at the ForM Sculpture Exhibition, N. Ireland in 2017.


Image of Tesserae

analogue overhead projector, fabricated faux glass

300 x 300 x 200 cm projection

Tessera is a ‘window’, a mimesis of the refraction of natural light through the medium of glass.

Image of Tesserae

The projection occupies a space where a window had not and/or could not have existed previously.

Image of Tesserae

Tesserae was shown at St Peter Hungate in Norwich, England in 2012.

Rue Visconti, Paris

Rue Visconti

45 gallon oil drum, site specific installation

My work on boundaries and borders was inspired by Christo and Jeanne-Claude's 'Iron Curtain' from 1961/2.

This body of work was shown in London in 2010.

Vi Ses (See You)

Vi ses banner

linocut on linen

150 x 150 cm suspended banner

Vi Ses was made for an outdoor exhibition in Denmark. The concept explored absence and the tension between presence and absence.

Vi Ses was shown in Faaborg, Denmark in 2016.

Four Kilometres

Four Kilometres

wood, spools of linen thread, steel wire

150 x 10 x 5 cm

Four Kilometres was inspired by the Hellespont swim in Turkey, crossing from the continent of Europe to that of Asia. The work is poised on its own long thread, like that of the spinning Fates of antiquity. Fragility and strength combine in the materiality.

Four Kilometres was shown at 'Blow My Skirt Up', Chelsea Futurespace, London in 2008.